Max Von Gigercounter

As Max Von Giegercounter In Play with your Foods long running Spoof on Hollywood Award Shows “Hollywood S.L.E.A.S.E.*”  (Self-Love Ego Award Show Extravaganza).

S.L.E.A.S.E. , an original musical comedy by Bill Johnston, ran in rep for 10 years.


From “Christmas Bells’ by Hallmark (copywrite applies).  One of many Background acting position participated in on Vancouver Island and Vancouver. Besides many Hallmark movies of the week there has also been appearances in “Grace Point” (TV), “Salvation” (TV)

Christmas Bells


From “Murder at the Howard Johnson”. A modern slapstick fast pace farce. Doing this show in a dinner theatre environment required constant focus and improvisation.   Like all PWYF productions the characters also preformed wait staff duties and the wall could not be broken.



Just some of my looks over the past.  Be sure to check out the two “shorts” links on the home page to see a bit more of what I can do.


Image by Emilee Watson