Dean Christy – Actor    UBCP/ACTRA

Dean Christy is a Canadian born actor on film, TV, and stage. Dean is a veteran of live stage performance and was the managing director for Play with your Food Theatre company, in Victoria BC for 12 years. During the PWYF days Dean became known for his roles as Ryan O’Brien (Cement Shoes), Max Von Giegercounter (Hollywood S.L.E.A.S.E.), Hickory (Dorothy gets Scrooged), and Bubba/Chance/Mama (Murder on a Hot Tin Roof).

Starting late in live with film, Dean continues to pursue acting roles, and commercials while working as a background actor in various TV and movies filmed in the Victoria and Vancouver area. Dean’s recent and current projects include Richard in Octavian Kaul’s short film “LGBTQless”, the UVIC student film “Witch Doctor”, “Closing Walls, and “The World’s Greatest Director.

Dean Christy – Poet


Born with a pen in his hand and a muse on his mind, Dean has been writing as long as he can remember. Recognizing early the we all speak in poetry, he has been telling his stories in the richness, he believes, only the poem does justice.


His first collection of 45 self-published poems “Thirteen chairs” is available on line at or directly through Dean.

Thirteen Chairs:

Away, there is a beach

warmed in tropical winds
washed by blue waves.
There gather twelve on thirteen chairs.
celebrating life given freely
shared by one,
in love with the people assembled
on a beach, surrounded by beauty
renewed in spirit.
Together twelve on thirteen chairs
placed by one, remembered.
-Dean Christy, Mexico 2004



R. Dean Christy